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A Word About our Music


At Camelot Dance Club dances, we play a wide variety of music from all eras from the 1940’s through present time.  We try to have a good balance throughout an evening so that all decades are equally represented.  Prior to each of our dances we have an optional lesson, and the dance that is taught at that lesson becomes our theme dance of the evening, so we try to have special emphasis and extra music for that style during the three hour dance. 
Unlike a lot of ballroom dance clubs, we do not play music from only the “core six” ballroom dances, but instead play music in about 16 different dance styles.  Also, unlike a lot of ballroom dance clubs, since we play all pre-recorded music, we do not have to wait for a band to decide on or find the next song to play, nor do we have to wait for a band to take 20 minute intermissions every hour.  Therefore, in a two-and-a-half-hour dance we play about 45 -50 songs, while a live band will play about 30 songs.  So even though we are playing a lot of music in a lot of styles beyond the typical rumba-cha-cha-swing-waltz-foxtrot-tango mix, the total number of these core six dances will be nearly the same as in a live-band dance; we just also have a lot of music for a lot of other styles which makes for more fun variety for everyone.
All of our music is selected for its distinct and danceable beat.  Our ballroom dance club is full of energy with a great mix of people of all ages.  Come and visit and try us out!

What are the Advantages of Playing our Music through a computer?

By using all pre-recorded music, we can limit the length of our songs so that no song is longer than three minutes; no danger of hearing a five-minute rumba here!  We program an entire evening of dance music ahead of time so our playlist has a consistent, balanced mix of music for the event. We are careful to have an even distribution of fast and slow dance styles.  We have the ability to alter the tempo of any of our songs, so that they are played at an optimum dance tempo.  We say we play “nearly-continuous music” for it takes our computer only about 5 seconds to finish one song and start on the next.  So the music keeps coming all evening; each song has its own unique sound suitable for its dance style.