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History of Camelot Dance Club


Camelot Dance Club was founded in September of 2006 with the goal of providing an additional monthly ballroom dance opportunity for ballroom dancers in the Lafayette/West Lafayette area.  Our first location was in the ballroom of the Merou Grotto in West Lafayette, which was in the process of changing ownership, and the new owner-to-be had plans to renovate the exterior of the building to look like a castle, which he planned to name "Castle on the Wabash".  (The Merou Grotto is located on the Wabash River.) There was to be a Bar/Nightclub on the first floor called "Merlin's", a restaurant on the second floor called "Excalibur" and the ballroom on the third floor was to be named "The Great Hall".  In keeping with the "King Arthur" theme, we named our new club "Camelot Dance Club". 

In late 2007, ownership of the building reverted back to the original owners who chose not to carry out the "King Arthur" renovation theme.  In April of 2012, Camelot moved its monthly dance events to Golden Steps Studio for the Performing Arts. In August of 2013, that studio changed ownership and became Turning Pointe Academy for the Performing Arts. In May of 2014, Camelot moved its montly dances to Duncan Hall. In July of 2016, Camelot moved its monthly dances to the Fitness Center in the new Wellness Center at Westminster Village. In December 2019, Camelot returned to Duncan Hall and moved to a quarterly schedule of dances.  But throughout its history, Camelot Dance Club has kept its name as originally created.

We continually visit ballroom dance clubs throughout the United States looking for new and innovative ideas for ballroom dance clubs and try to incorporate features from some of the more fun and successful clubs.